Viverone Serra Alpe Cavanna

Tour that dates back to the morainic formation known as Serra d’Ivrea, starting from the characteristic Lake of Viverone and arriving up to the mountain refuge ALPE CAVANNA at an altitude of 1470 meters. First part that alternates stretches of asphalt on secondary roads at stretches on comfortable and easy cart tracks with ups and downs characterized by modest slopes. Between the 12th and 18th km the itinerary develops on forest roads characterized by some decidedly more demanding passages, remaining however within the normal cycle path. Very beautiful and characteristic the central part near the town of Croce Serra, just outside the town of Andrate, by virtue of very fun and scenic single-tracks. From here starts a fast and not dangerous single track that, followed by a short stretch of asphalt and subsequent farm roads, brings back to the Lake of Viverone and then to the place of departure.Difficulty Level: mediumDifference in height: 1454Travel time: 4.30 / 5.30 hours depending on the training degree