As per Monferrato tradition, our main vineyards are Grignolino and Barbera.

The second one in particular was planted in 2008 in the area of ‘Furnasun’, (‘large furnace’ in Piedmont), the same place where the ancient family vineyards were once located, and it takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the site to give grapes of quality. Its peculiarity is given by a mixed soil, partly composed of red earth very rich in minerals, which favors a high production, and partly tufaceous, in which instead the vine will have to work harder to reach nourishment and will concentrate its energies in fewer berries, much more loaded in terms of sugar.

At the top of the vineyard you can find some centuries-old oaks, under which two large wooden tables and benches are placed. These are located in a panoramic position on the basin of vineyards below, overlooking the village of Castel San Pietro and the valley. During the summer, this place is very suitable for guided tastings and snacks based on cold cuts and Monferrato cheeses, under the cool shade of the big trees.

The main Grignolino vineyard is located in the most suitable area for this noble Monferrato grape variety: Vignale Monferrato. Hectares of Grignolino grapes that express themselves best thanks to the limestone soil, classic of the area.

A new Grignolino vineyard, planted in 2015 close to the ‘Furnasun’ Berbera, has recently started to produce with excellent results.

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