It’s opened everyday apart from Tuesday only upon reservation from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 to 7 pm. 
It is located where once the first wine-making cellars of the structure were, at about 80 m from the reception, and where the traces of this past still show themselves, like the restored wine-presses that have been transformed into blower whirlpool areas, the ‘waterfall’ once a cellar gear, the old well still visible and all the materials used: ancient wooden beams, limestone blocks that hide here and there small fossil treasures.

In this area children under 14 years old are NOT allowed.


All treatments are not recommended in case of pregnancy, except for massages with neutral oil.

In the case of particular health conditions (for example low blood pressure, pregnancy, recent surgical operations …) the guest is obliged to discuss with his doctor if he can be admitted to the spa, or if can udergo the treatment booked, with particular attention to those that involve immersion in hot water (Vinotherapy, relaxing herbal bath…).

The structure declines all responsibility if these warnings are not followed.

Entrance to the Spa is prohibited to persons suffering from mycosis or warts or epidermal diseases that can be transmitted to others.

Entrance to the spa does not have a direct connection to the rooms.

The Center offers the opportunity to spend hours of relax and offers a heated indoor pool with hydro-massage benches + blower stations + cave spa tub + wooden-bio sauna + relax area with herbal teas and fresh fruit + various treatment rooms. The main room is dominated by the large fireplace which, during the cold season, with its flame always alive, gives warmth and a pleasant atmosphere to the location.

Our guests have free access to the following areas:

WHIRLPOOL SWIMMING POOL: the water temperature is of 34 degrees and there are benches and whirlpool stations and a cervical waterfall. The view of the fireplace gives a sense of great warmth and intimacy.

TUB IN THE CAVE: this bath is located in an ancient room that has been recently discovered. Here we have set a little spa for those who are looking for a warm and private separate love-nest for moments of true relax.

BIOSAUNA: It is a very natural sauna where the wood stove keeps a moderate temperature, with an air humidity of around 50% and a temperature of 55-60°. This is the “soft” version of the classic Finnish sauna, and has beneficial effects both on skin and health in general because is acts very gently on blood circulation. The temperature is not too high so that anyone who is in good health can take advantage of its benefits.

BLOWER STATIONS: The ancient wine-presses necessary for winemaking have been restored and brought to new life, transformed into small blower whirlpools. You must try the one located in the outdoor courtyard, especially if you are a couple and it’s winter …

RELAX AREA: After the treatments, or for a relaxing break, you can lie on a chaise longue sipping a herbal tea or a mint tea and listen to some soft music.

At the Acquavitae Spa we also offer the following treatments (with an additional price):

WINE-THERAPY: For some years now it has been tested the effectiveness of the properties of grapes, and in particular of the polyphenols contained in its skins, against the free radicals, which are among the major causes of skin aging. On the basis of this, our wine bath is performed in a large tub with hydromassage in which it is poured, in addition to water, wine, yeasts and other active ingredients contained in the grape that will guarantee great relax and a deep skin purification. The wine-therapy must be booked in advance, it is organized for inside a large tank, inherited from the previous wine activity, with whirlpool jets. During the bath, which lasts about 45 minutes, you will be served a glass of wine to taste while you are relaxing in the candlelight.

RELAXING BATH WITH HERBS OR SALT: For those who want to relax in total privacy we propose a couple bath treatment to be done in twin tubs: in a very romantic area completely dedicated, with a retrò atmosphere, scented candles and soft music, you can immerse yourself in the water enriched with a mix of relaxing herbs or with natural salt with draining and purifying properties … Duration: 30 minutes.

HAY BATH: After a relaxing herbal bath, we give the opportunity to try this new but very ancient treatment, which is organized for couples in the Hay Room: half an’ hour of total relax on a warm water-based bed, completely covered with mountain hay, rich of various medicinal herbs that will help to expel toxins and bad moods… After a refreshing shower, a subsequent relaxing phase will be necessary and we recommend to drink abundantly. Duration: 30 minutes + relax

MASSAGES, FACIAL AND BODY TREATMENTS: Upon advance reservation, there is the possibility to have relaxing, draining or toning treatments and Ayurveda.

The center has separate dressing rooms for men and women with lockers with key, shower and hairdryer.

Towels are provided on request but we ask our guests to bring their own swimsuit – shower slippers and bathrobe (which can be rented upon request)