Rive Rosse

In a strip of the province of Biella, whose geological events give it this striking appearance: a part of the territory is hundreds of millions of years old and is made of granite, the other is the result of huge lava flows. Strong the presence of iron that makes these lands reddish, also in some parts you can find sandy areas, caused by erosion due to bad weather.
Departure from the main square of Busnengo, up to the Canton Forte. With a little physical effort, you head towards the church of the Madonna degli Angeli and it is here that the land becomes redder and beautiful landscapes are encountered. Difficult but feasible climbs if you are a little trained will lead you to the top to admire the simple church. A series of alternative itineraries leave from here, for example you can reach the top of the hill not far away to enjoy a magnificent 360° panorama. Finally, you can return to the starting point, following steep and fun descents for those who love high speed, hand on the brakes for the other less daring. A look at the surrounding vineyards and then arrival at the starting point.

Distance: 31 km
Difference in altitude: 908 mt
Difficulty: medium

Itinerary available only with guide and shuttle service.
For info: events@casansebastiano.it