La Merenda Sinoira

You are about to taste an authentic merenda sinoira*.
The merenda sinoira originates in the countryside.
Once upon a time, farmers took advantage of the long summer days to work in the fields and vineyards until the evening.
In the late afternoon, they took a break to refresh themselves before the last hours of toil.
A frugal meal, eaten in the shade of a tree.

Today, that tradition lives on with the merenda sinoira of the Bistrot le Botti, which brings the flavors of the territory to the table with a menu that varies throughout the year respecting the seasonality of the products.
We start with the cured meats of Cascina San Lorenzo in Occimiano, including muletta, salame cotto, coppa, bacon and lard.
Among the cheeses, the proposal ranges from goat’s cheeses from Casa Costa in Murisengo and Cascina Valeggia in Moncalvo, to cow’s cheeses from Modina in Cerrina.

The vegetables used for the traditional “antipasto rosso”, the capricciosa salad and the omelettes come from our gardens.
The fresh eggs come from the Bisoglio farm in Serralunga di Crea.

Rabbits and chickens for summer dishes such as rabbit tuna and cockerel salad come from Cascina Campora in Capriglio.
The red meats come from the Bo Bartolomeo farm in Solero.

Typically summer proposals are also the veal tongue in green sauce and the anchovies with the “bagnetto”.

In winter, there is no shortage of rolls with pears in the blue cheese of Valle d’Aosta and the “capunet” of cabbage, the typical rolls also called fishes because of their shape.

We finish on a sweet note: tarts with fruit from our orchards, and the unmissable bunet.


* Merenda is the Italian word for snack, sinoira stands for evening



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