Selection of 7 local cow and milk cheeses  12€

Selection of local cold cuts  10€


La cruda.. – 13€
Beef tartare with ‘solid’ oil and hazelnut-based mayonnaise


Tonda e Monferrina– 12€
White onion stuffed with minced meat and vegetables

La Fantasia dell’orto – 10€
Vegetables quiche with milk and saffron cream

Gateaux insolito– 11€
Saluggia beans, raddish and mozzarella pie with sundried tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

First Course

Come nonna ci ha fatti – 13€
Agnolotti (beef stuffed ravioli) with veal sauce

Il vitello e la gallina – 13€
Tajarin pasta with 20 egg yolk and veal ragout

Il principe nel raviolo – 11€
Potato and artichoke stuffed ravioli with parsley cream

Verde alla riscotta! – 12€
Ricotta and spinach gnocchi with gorgonzola cheese sauce and almonds

Main courses

Il Classico – 15€
Roasted veal with seasonal vegetables

Il maialino in cantina – 14€
Pork filet in crust with Grignolino wine sauce and potato purée

Rolata e colorata – 13€
Chicken roll with grilled vegetables millefeuille

L’opzione vegan– 11€
Legumes and vegetables meatballs on tomato coulis


Gol’OSA! – 7€
Chocolate cake with Mascarpone cream

Bianca e Rossa – 5€
Ricotta mousse with fresh strawberries

La panna ubriaca – 6€
Grappa flavoured “panna cotta” with peach cream
(lactose free version available)

Mela Godo – 6€
Apple crumble with icecream

Cover charge 2€


Origin of the product

The ingredients you find in our dishes are produced on local farms if not directly in our vegetable gardens. Other important factors for us are the seasonality and quality of the materials, with an eye to sustainable production methods. These principles guide our cuisine and inspire the dishes on the
menu. The meat for the beef tartare, for the ragù and for the Agnolotti del Monferrato, rigorously carefully homemade, it comes from the Bo Bartolomeo di Solero farm.
The vegetables of the quiche and our side dishes are offered to us by mother nature in our gardens. The eggs for the tagliatelle are a kind gift from the hens of the Bisoglio farm in Serralunga di Crea. The pork for the crusted fillet comes from the Daffara farm in Terruggia. The cheeses, goat’s and cow’s milk, are produced by Casa Costa di Murisengo, Cascina Valeggia di Moncalvo and Modina di Cerrina and many other small local producers that we rotate on our cutting boards. All the fruit in syrup, cream or compote for desserts comes from our orchards.

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