Athlete – Off-Road Cycling Master – FCI Second Level Sports Director – Tour Leader. All courses acquired over a period of years, between the competition fields and the best national professional courses. Basic technical courses, off-road driving courses, Gravity courses, cleaning and maintenance courses, first aid courses and hiking equipment. Languages spoken: Italian: Mother Language – English: Written and Spoken French: Spoken – Spanish: Spoken – Russian: Speaking I make of my patience and sympathy my best weapon, to be able to dialogue and teach all kinds of people and all ages.


Born in 1974, he undertook the training course to become MTB Guide and MTB Master: since 2012 he is part of the National MTB Academy Staff and from 2016 he holds the position of MTB Master in the Italian Cycling Federation. In this field, he has been working for many years in the two-wheeled tourism sector and in teaching the Technique of Driving and Conducting the MTB, also taking care of the organization and management of numerous events throughout the country.

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