The Big Bench Rosa Monferrato is located in Camino, more precisely in the village of Castel San Pietro. One of the many hilltop villages of Casalese Monferrato, about 30 minutes from Casale Monferrato and less than an hour and a half away from the cities of Turin and Milan.

The big bench can be reached with a walk of about 10 minutes on a dirt road; but it is worth walking to enjoy the view of the Po Valley from an altitude of almost 400 m a.s.l. Especially in spring, you can admire the so-called ‘checkered sea’: the expanses of rice fields are covered with water, forming an endless plain of rectangles. The view over the plain extends up to the Valdostane mountain ranges which, in good weather, offer a perfect view of Monte Rosa.

The place chosen, as well as being an excellent panoramic point, is a place rich in history. On the way to the bench, you will come across ‘The Caves’ of Ca’ San Sebastiano, sponsor of the bench. These caves carved into the tuff date back to the sixteenth century, and were the first winery of the Pierino Vellano Vini – Le Cantine di Ca’ San Sebastiano winery.

Also, the name chosen for the bench (as well as its predominant colour) is also linked to the Monferrato tradition. The flower of the same name, the Rosa Monferrato, which you can admire on the sides of the bench, was dedicated to our territory by David Austin for its colour that refers to that of our most typical wine, Barbera.

How do you reach the bench?

Once in Camino, head towards the village of Castel San Pietro and more precisely towards the Ca’ San Sebastiano Resort.

An uphill road right in front of the Resort will lead you to the large parking area.

Here you will find the first Big Bench signpost that will show you the way, starting right from the parking lot, first on a path and then reaching a stretch on an asphalted road and then entering the last stretch that will lead to the caves and the Big Bench, all always indicated by other arrows.

You can find your passport and stamps directly at the reception of the Ca’ San Sebastiano Resort.


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